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Yesterday morning I got a call from Delta saying that my bag finally showed up. I can’t tell you how relieved I was, but listen to this. I flew Delta all the way but my bag arrived on Alaska Air from Seattle — go figure that one out. I had just about given up on it and was in the process of doing an inventory to file a claim. In all this I did discover some interesting facts. Delta will pay up to $2800 for lost luggage if you have all receipts etc. on domestic flights. How ever they will only pay nine dollars per pound on international flights with a cap of seventy pounds which totals $640 max unless you declare excess value on your baggage when checking in. Some thing to remember if your putting your multi piece rods, reels and the like in your checked baggage on international flights. Another thing to remember is that now you are required to have a passport when going to the Bahamas or any other country. I make a copy of my passport and keep it in my personal items in my carry on. In the event it is stolen or lost having that info with you would help a lot. If any one has any other helpful tips or info on domestic or international air travel, please share them with us.


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