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Still in Andros

We haven’t been very good about updating everyone on our Andros adventures..mostly because we’ve been having too much fun to sit down at the computer.

Twenty guests have joined us through our hosted trips, and we have been fortunate to have the company of most of our good buddies and guides. There has been lots of talk of tarpon, with several people seeing and hooking up on them. We even saw some larger groups of them hanging out around the lights of Fresh Creek at night. A couple equipment malfunctions have left us with tarpon winning the battle. Lesson learned on that one! Bonefish have been plentiful, and it has been really fun watching folks that are new to saltwater hook up on them.

A few new toys have sent us out in search of new territory. We have a big ole silly stand up paddle board, that is

actually really fun to float around on, and stable enough to stand up and fish from. We’ve even had a few days of dragging it behind the skiff in the creek. Add a kayak to the mix, and off we go.

Back to Montana in 2 weeks. We will see what the frozen norths holds in store. Snow pack has come up significantly during the month of February. The temperatures remain well below average, which will help to hold the snow (hopefully) through the spring.

We anticipate opening the shop around April 1, and will keep everyone posted as we get closer!


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