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Live from Andros!

Well, we have been on Andros Island for nearly two weeks. John Fetter was able to join us for about 6 days. He got out with Hermon Bain and hooked into six bonefish on his first day! Snorkeling for lobster and trolling were also on the agenda, but I’m pretty sure the bonefish were the highlight. Mike Skiba has been here for nearly eight weeks, and Al is of course here too. I’m pretty sure he is mostly Bahamian at this point.

The beginning, as usual, was kind of a whirlwind. Find a car to rent, find a boat to rent: check. Figure out what the tides are doing: check, Buy a bunch of rum: check. Catch some fish: that has been a little harder to check off the list, but we got it done.

The weather has been, well, mostly blustery. You know the saying, clear up to your ass and still snowing? Well, I’ve adjusted that to clear up to your ass and still blowin. With the wind conditions, we have been venturing into new territory to try to find some areas that are a little more sheltered. Venturing is fun! Yesterday we got out the pole from the trusty Carolina Skiff and poled our way up a small creek off of Fresh Creek. I say “poled”, but we really drug the boat. We drug it in some pretty mucky stuff, too (that’s where the clear up to your ass comes in from above…in creek muck). I sunk in up to my bellybutton, and learned that no matter how lazy you feel, you should take your chacos off.  I’ve become rather enthralled with stripping big, shiny streamers through deep cuts or along mangroves to try to catch snapper. Its fun, changes the day up, you loose some flies, but see some crazy fish come out and chase. Hopefully I will have some success soon. Oh well. Could be sitting at home, clear up to my ass in snow.

Weather is supposed to change beginning tomorrow, and we’re ready to chase some bonefish.


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