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Back To Reality

I got back late last night and it was a shocker and I don’t mean just the weather. First of all the airlines lost my luggage. The one fly rod I broke over there and brought back to get fixed showed up but that was all. They said it would definitely be on the plane this morning. I went back to town after the flight arrived to pick it up and still not there. The agent tracked it and said the computer says it’s here. We both looked at the spot where this imaginary bag should be but it just would not appear. Now I’m starting to get a bit nervous as all my reels are in there as I like to bring them home to do a thorough cleaning. She said she would do a trace on all the planes I was on. I was on Delta all the way but it starts in Nassau and then Atlanta, Salt Lake City and finally Butte. Now you can see why I’m a bit nervous. Art picked me up at the airport and said I have a little bad news. My furnace quit working at the house and all the pipes are froze up. I was kinda relieved as at first I thought one of my dogs had died. I told him I still have the old out house in the back just for this kind of emergency. This morning I got the wood stove cranked up and had the house all toasty and warm. In a couple hours I threw the switch back on for the water pump and I was back in modern times with hot and cold running water with no leaks — lucked out. I was feeling pretty good about then until he handed me this huge box with all the unpaid bills. I had bills from company’s I have never heard of.

Amos and Allie (my newfy and great pyrenees) were glad to see me and their doing fine. I let them sleep in the house last night and about three in the morning when nature called, we all went out side in the cold together. It’s one of the perks of living in the country.

I’m already planning my next trip to Andros which will be in March.

Lulu, please send me an e-mail as I had your address in that imaginary bag.


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