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Back In Montana

No that is not a photo of a creek on the west side of Andros. That is the Big Hole River taken from the Maidenrock bridge just a couple hours ago.

As you can see there are snow flurries in the mountains. The river is in great shape with a flow of about 500cfs.

A friend of mine stopped by yesterday and said “lets go fishing”. I explained to him that I just came from 85 degree weather and I’m freezin my butt off. So he went anyway and did pretty good.

Fishing is going to get hot in a week or two with the skwalla action starting. For now it’s nymphs and streamers with a slow strip.

The shop will be open in about a week but we are ready to run shuttles now. Call 406-267-3346 to set it up or knock on the back door of the shop. Art and Bobby are there full time.


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