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Almost Grand Slam

Ocean Flat

Current temp. 77  Tomorrow forecast 86 wind SW10 partly cloudy.

I was on an ocean flat  yesterday and what  day it was. I had walked for quite some time without seeing anything. I picked a rocky point ahead as my final walk. Getting closer to the point two schools of fish  came out  of nowhere. I got a bonefish out of the  first  school and then made a long cast to the second. Well wouldn’t you know it but this school consisted of a bunch of small  permit. I wound  up getting three permit and three bonefish and I didn’t move more than twenty feet. Finally they had enough of me and moved up the shoreline.

So last night I go to the dock to see about getting a tarpon.  I had one shot at one but no luck and there went my chance at the grand slam. The night before I had a big tarpon that this Bahamian kid spotted for  me that came for the fly, rolled and either just missed it or  refused it at the last moment.

The day in Nassau with Hank was just a lot of fun and I was laughing all day. The dentist I went to wound up to be a childhood friend of Gogie’s from Red Bays.

We rented  a car and  of course Hank did all the  driving. Other than the fact he tried  to kill  me a couple  times it was ok. One time he pulled off  a roundabout and  another car  almost tboned us. Another time he was talking about  driving in the states and before I know it he  is  driving on the right side of the road. I almost crapped my pants and was yelling,  left,  left. At the airport going through  security was the highlight. He kept setting  off the alarm even after emptying all his pockets  etc. The security  lady there was not very nice. So  after setting off the alarm about five times he said I have no problem taking my pants off  too  if that’s what you want. The one lady behind the xray machine told him to go for it  but the other one just scowled. By this time I was laughing hysterically. There were other humurous  events but their best told over a couple kaliks.


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