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A Little Rain

Big Hole River 3870 cfs

And just when I figured my lawn was starting to burn up and I wouldn’t have to mow it again, it starts to rain. Last couple days we encountered some brief heavy showers with strong wind and lightning. Best thing to do then is watch where the geese go and follow them. They huddle up in the thick willows along the river and that’s where I go.

Fishing has been good with dries, streamers and nymphs. Best sttreamer fishing is early morning or when there is cloud cover.

That rapid below the pump station dam now has a rooster tail and should be avoided with low side boats and especially skiffs. A couple days ago some guys sunk their skiff there but managed to get it out.

Last couple days I had a 13 year old in the boat. This kid could cast better than most. Most kids that age have an attention span of about five minutes but he stayed with it all day and caught more fish than his dad.

There is currently a hail storrm going on. It’s 7:30 am and very dark with some mean looking clouds around.



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