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Young Sound

Last couple days have been really cold for here and windy as well. Lousy conditions for bonefishing. Today conditions improved greatly.

Morten and Anne from Denmark are here again this year and their son Emil came along. Emil has never caught a bonefish and is scheduled to leave in a couple days. They hired Tommy Kee to guide them. Tommy took them to Young Sound and I followed along with my boat just to get some pictures. Well I did some fishing also.

When I got there Tommy was on the outside and the tide was just starting to come in so I went right to the inside. When I first got out of the boat to wade in shallow water and wait for the tide, it was almost like stepping in ice water. It was really cold and being that cold I did not expect to see any fish. About 10 minutes later I was surprised to see a school of about 20 fish coming right at me. I was towing the boat and no way to get the rod in time. I just stood there and was amazed at the size of those fish. Shortly after another school came by and I nailed one of those.

About then Tommy came around they started wade fishing. Well not only did Tommy get Emil his first bonefish, he got him a whopping 8 pounder. I was too far away to get pics but Morten took several and they will be on the site tomorrow.

It turned out to be a great day out there, lots of sun, light wind and a perfect tide. When all these things come together it’s an amazing fishery.


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