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Young Sound

A couple days ago I went to Young Sound as the conditions were perfect for fishing there. Lots of sun and follow the tide into the sound. John and his dad rented a boat from Hank and came out there as well. John is a beginner fly fisherman but as you can see by the photo he nailed a real nice one.

Saturday night was customer appreciation night here at Hanks and what a party it was. The photo of Michael Sprey who works here at Hanks pretty much tells what the party theme was—ship wrecked at Hanks.

Yesterday I went way back up the creek looking for some permit. I didn’t find any permit but mon did I get into the bonefish. There were lots of clouds so I anchored along this certain shoreline and when ever the sun came out there were bones all around me.

Brian O’Keefe has been staying here at Hanks for the last few days and has been going out in one of Hanks boats and has been doing very well. Today was pretty slow as there were cloudy conditions most of the day.

Last night there were some tarpon rolling out in the harbor but we couldn’t connect with one. Might try it again tonight. Lots of jacks also.


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