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Where Ya Been

It’s been a little while since the last report and my e-mail shows it. I had a little problem with immigration but finally got all that sorted out and good to go again. Then the computer here at Hank’s decided to take a dump but all that’s good to go again also.

Had a cold front come through yesterday with strong NW winds and it was quite cold in the morning. Warming up for the rest of the week and back in the 80’s in a couple days.

Fishing the past few days has been slow from most of the reports I got. Today is the first time I have been out for awhile and I just waded that first big flat up the creek. That’s the one we call shark flat for an encounter I had there some years ago. It’s a big shallow flat but at times the sharks love it. Today was one of those days as at the start of the flat in about 3 feet of water I saw an 8 foot bull shark. I let him have that entire half of the flat. There were not many bones on the flat and I believe it was because of the cold water.

Looks like another Williams Island trip coming up in a few days and I can’t wait. I know where those tarpon like to hang out and this trip will be more fishing and less exploring. Linda is still going through therapy from her knee surgery from the injury last trip. Her doc advised against any wading for now as there are holes and bumps and such on the flats. He said she should stay on something level. The poling platform is very level and I told her she could stay on that all day.


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