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What Wind??

Big Hole River 2410 cfs

The wind started blowing yesterday about eleven am and blew all day into the night. Despite those conditions I got some great reports and on top water.

Just about dark a couple guys stopped by the house and showed pics of fish they got late evening between wind gusts. I’m waiting for them to email them and they are quite impressive. Just about then the wind blew about mach 2 and the lights went out. It blew a tree across the lines just below the house.

I kept watching this awning I put up in front of the shop for shade. I expected it to be airborne any second but it held. I guess the long railroad  spikes I used to anchor it did the job.

The guys came in today with super reports. Cloudy conditions made for perfect top water action with big attractor patterns. Some wind called for tomorrow as well but should be good fishing. If you want a big fish, go real early or very late.

I have a hose hooked up by the shop it you want to wash your rig coming from a different river. Your more than welcome to it and I recommed it.


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