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What A Day

Bright sun, hardly a cloud in the sky and very light breeze out of the east. A perfect day for bonefishing and I spanked em. Went back to the same ocean flat as yesterday as conditions and the tide could not have been better for that area. Of course I made it all the way out to the blue hole and today it was a bust. Things were a bit slow at first with the falling tide and at low tide. I found a few fish here and there but I was covering a lot water . On the incoming tide I decided to wait at the mouth of the creek and just see what might venture my way. I didn’t have to wait long before the first school of about 30 were coming right at me. I plucked one out of that bunch and in about ten minutes here comes another school and I got one out of there as well. This went on for almost an hour. They were all schools of 20 to 40 fish except for these two monster bones that were coming just perfect. I misjudged the distance and wind at my back and gave it a little extra haul and hit the first fish right on the head. By now that fish is in the Joulters 40 miles north of here. As luck would have it the biggest fish of the day came when I was walking along the beach going back to the jeep. I didn’t even have any line out and with the rod balanced over my shoulder. It’s just instinct to keep watching the water with the incoming tide as I was and all of a sudden there they were. No more than 30 feet from me in about 10 inches of water were 2 nice bones and 1 huge one. The rod came in the loaded position in less than a second with just enough line stripped off. The big boy was the nearest for a change and the cast was perfect for a change also. One strip and he nailed it and he tried to make it to the Joulters as well. Some days every thing comes together just like you read about in the magazines.

On getting back to Hank’s I passed Cracker who is this old one legged Bahamian fellow. He greeted me as always with “all is well today my brother”? I responded with a big smile and a thumbs up and he knew.


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