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West Side Tarpon

Tarpon On

If you zoom in you can definitely see the tarpon and fly rod. More pics will be coming from the video on Tommy’s camera.

This is some of the action from yesterday on the west side with Tommy Kee, Morten and myself. First tarpon for Morten and as  soon as he  hooked up the fish did basically nothing. Morten looked  at  me and shrugged his  shoulders and then all  hell broke loose. This thing commenced to do at least six jumps. We figured it weigh at least 70 lbs.  A short time later I hooked up briefly with a smaller tarpon. Then the action picked up even more  as we spotted three really big permit. Morten had a good shot and  placed the fly almost perfectly. The permit charged the fly and either missed or it was pulled away or what ever. This was our best chance to get the grand slam as we already had the bonefish.

We found  another bigger tarpon and had several shots at him but he wasn’t interested in what we were  offering.

This is in an area to go if you are not concerned at numbers  of bonefish but rather the opportunity of tarpon and big permit. It’s a long drive and a long run but to  me it’s worth  it. Tommy knows this area as well as  any  local guide. If  your interested in a trip like this he can be reached at

My time here is getting short and actually I’m looking forward  to getting back  and getting my new (old) fly shop open. I will be at my  old location next to the Blue Moon in beautiful downtown Divide. Plans are to be open first week of April.


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