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This morning it’s mostly cloudy with an east wind at 22 mph and a temp. of 72. Not the most ideal conditions for finding bonefish. I was pretty bummed out until I pulled up the weather back home in Divide, Mt. It is currently 4 below zero with 25 mph wind and a forecast of 26 below zero tonight. If it’s still that cold next week when I’m scheduled to go back I’m just not gonna go. You might say that after being here for a month and a half that I may be a bit spoiled. I’ll have to call Art and have him meet me at the airport with my carhart coveralls, parka, snow packs, mittens and any thing else to try to stay warm.

Fishing here today may be limited to getting the cast net to catch some bait fish and then go to a lee side of an island along a channel and bottom fish for mutton snapper for supper. I haven’t done that for awhile and it’ll be kinda fun for a change.

I ran into Sammy yesterday and he told me he went diving the day before and now has lots of conch for conch salad. Sammy owns a tiki bar just north of town and makes a terrific conch salad. He assured me he would be open later on and told me to stop by. This got me thinking about the salad and the more I thought about it the more I started to crave it. I drove out to Sammy’s in the evening and was not surprised that he was no where around. This isn’t the first time I have been through this. I was really wanting some conch salad by this time so I went to the next place that usually always has it and they said none tonight but come back tomorrow. Where have I heard that before? So I had to settle for cracked conch back here at Hanks. All the conch I had found have escaped. There is a big truck tire laying in the water under the dock and I was putting them in there thinking there was no way they could crawl out of it. I had about ten of them in there and guess what, yesterday I looked and there was one and this morning there is none.


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