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Got a nice photo of Scotty the crazy Canadian hooked up on a ocean flat while being shadowed by a warship. Also have photos of him catching a huge cuda on a really small hook. You can see how the hook was just on the edge of the jaw. He was fishing with bait and caught a small snapper. While reeling it in this big cuda ate the snapper so now he has a real fight on his hands. It’s amazing he landed the fish as only had 8 pound test line on this small spinning reel.

Chuck also sent the photo of that big bonefish they caught a few days ago with Tommy. I hope Patricia got it and will post it.

Had a cold front come through the last couple days with clouds, wind and rain so not too much fishing going on then. Getting much better today with lots of sun and temp. up to 80.

Next report I will cover local cuisine. When I first got here and ordered a chicken snack which is half a fried chicken and french fries. When I unwrapped the tin foil I discovered every thing was smothered with catsup. I thought this is disgusting. Well guess what?


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