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Up The Creek

Yesterday the fishiing up Fresh Creek was really good. I only went up a short distance just beyond the house boat and found quite a few fish. Caught one big one but don’t know if the pics will show it. Pretty hard to take pics and land the fish by yourself. Bahamian guide Tommy Kee was also up there on the next flat. He had a beginner that had originally e-mailed me from Iberia, West Africa asking about fishing here on Andros. He is now part of the club as he caught his first bonefish yesterday. He admitted that now he was hooked big time.

Morton and Anne from Denmark are renting the house boat and Morton has caught several bonefish right off his porch.

Scotty from Canada has recently purchased a fly rod and is out practising every day. He too will soon be part of the club.

Bahamian guide Herman Bain stopped by the other evening and said the fishing in Bowen and Young Sound has been very productive.

Forecast for next couple days is for cool and breezy so good time for a road trip.


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