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Up And Running

For the past week the internet system has been down for most of the island. I think the weather had some thing to do with it as it has been down also. The wind has been ripping every day making fishing for dem bones a bit difficult but not impossible. We got into lots of them yesterday in a new spot I have been wanting to go to for awhile. Today we went back there and it was just so so but still produced bones and a big cuda. We went to one of my favorite haunts later and the fishing was nothing short of awesome. The wind was still there but so were the fish and lots of them and they were eating every fly we threw at them.

For the past few days a lot of the guides have been fishing up the creek because of the conditions else where. The forecast is getting better by the day now and many of them will be heading back to the Joulters, West Side etc.

We had quite a feast on Sunday evening here on Hank’s dock. They are closed on Sundays but Hank told us we were welcome to use the bbq and any thing we wanted from the kitchen. We had the fillets from that big mutton snapper Sandy had caught and enough cuda to feed an army. The only thing missing was the conch salad because nobody went looking for them due to the weather.


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