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Temp on Andros Island: 85 degrees, water temp. 75, winds light ENE.

Yesterday my neighbor and I found wolf tracks in the snow less than two hundred yards from the house. We also found big scat that was obviously from the same animal as it was full of deer hair. The other night Amos, my Great Pyrenees dog was going crazy and looking in the exact same area we found the tracks. His dad was killed by wolves near Bull Mountain where I got him as a pup. Wolf season is closed but if one or more comes close to the house and is a threat to Amos, it just opened up again as far as I’m concerned. Patricia posted some photos of the tracks with a tape measure across in the comments of the last entry. There are also some very interesting tracks across the ice in the settling pond at the dam. We still haven’t figured those out.

How about those conditions on Andros Island—near perfect. I finally got all my ducks in a row and looks like I will be there around Christmas. One of the first things we are planning is another trip to Williams Island on the remote west side. I hooked a nice tarpon there last year but there were much bigger ones in the area. Actually they will be a bit much for my 9wt but if it shatters it so be it. That’s why you should always have a unconditional warranteed rod.


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