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Mutton snapper getting bigger

We had several good dinners off this fish.

I think this island  is trying to kill me.  First it was a close encounter with smugglers a few years ago. Then it was the crash landing here at the airport last year. A couple days ago it was  an encounter  with a tornado.

Audrey and  I had just pulled  up to the dock and were quite happy as I had caught a wahoo on a fly rod. Audrey was cleaning the fish on the boat. Gogie was on the dock and said to  look at that little twister to  the north. At first  I  thought it just a dust devil  or  whirl wind. A few seconds later Gogie yelled to get off the  boat. I Iooked up  and this thing was heading right for us. I jumped on the dock and pulled Audrey on the dock when it hit. It picked up my boat just like a feather and flipped it upside down in the harbor.

I was  sick looking at my boat floating upside down out there. I was sure the engine would be ruined by the salt water and who knows what other damage.

With the help of several locals we got it close  to the dock and flip  it upright. I immediately called the local boat  mechanic. He flushed everything  out, drained the carbs, took the starter apart and cleaned it, squirted fresh water  in the cylinders. After a couple  hours of doing this we put it all back  together and fired it up. I was amazed it started. Austin said to put lots  of oil in the gas to lube the cylinders good. I  did all that and I lucked out that  is running  fine  now.

So  I wonder what  next mishap will be  heading my way. It don’t matter, cuz they ain’t gettin rid of me.


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