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Time To Go

This last day turned out great with lots of sun and some eager bonefish. I came in early to pack and get one last helping of chicken souse at Gator’s deli. I’ve been in there so often they treat me like one of the family. When I left the store Mr. and Mrs. Gator, the cook and a couple other people were lined up at the door wihhing me safe travel. I remember the first couple times I went in there they would barely talk to me.

I came very close to staying for another few weeks until reality raised it’s ugly head. I guess I need to get out of here for awhile anyway as I’m starting to talk like a Bahamian—-like “who dat is oer dere” and oooh lord.

Hank and I never did make our excursion north for a couple days nor did we get to the north bight and fish with Speedy for snapper. These things will be first on the agenda on my next trip along with the run to Red Bay on Linda’s new boat. She’ll have the casting platform and poling tower on by then. I told her not to worry about the fly casting too much but to work really hard on her poling. Needless to say that didn’t go over real well.

Had a comment that said they could almost see the image of Sammy’s truck in the sea. One thing I forgot was when he got into the cab after unhooking the trailer I heard him make the comment “Oh mon da fishes are swimmin in dere” I almost fell off the deck laughing. He actually showed up last night to return my tow rope and had the truck running again. He said he worked from daylight to dark on it draining the gas tank, gear boxes etc. He wore a smile a mile wide and said “mon dat was a close one”

I believe dinner this evening will have to be lobster.


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