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The heat is on

Summer heat has hit early on the Big Hole River, and it does not look like we have any relief in sight for the coming 10 days. Flows are also dropping, and we recommend rafts rather than driftboats for the forseeable future.

As usual, we would like to give a few reminders about fishing during warm temperatures:

  1. Carry a thermometer, and use it frequently, in flowing water. If you find water that is higher than 68 degrees, reel it up for the day, or head to some cooler water.

  2. Use stronger tippet so that you can bring fish in quickly, and land fish with a net.

  3. Reduce handling of the fish you catch (yes, that includes whitefish), and return them to the river as quickly as possible.

So..what about the fishing? We have still been having good fishing, with the best action happening in the mornings. There is a good hatch of caddis and yellow sallies happening, with some PMD's tossed into that mix. There are also nocturnal stones coming off, and we are finding some success on a size 12 chubby. Your best window for dry fly fishing is until about noon or 1 PM. Don't hesitate to tie on a small streamer too, some good fish are moving out of the fast water to chase streamers.

Thanks to all who came out and kept the Big Hole Valley a busy place in June, and for the 4th of July weekend! Stop in the fly shop for some bug recommendations.


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