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The Elusive Tarpon

The following is an account of a days fishing on Andros with guide Herman Bain–reported by Tone the Bone:

We were on the creek this morning by 8 a.m. with not a cloud in the sky or a wiff of breeze. We headed back in the creek looking for our new best friends–permit and tarpon. Art, Sean and myself were with Herman and were really excited. If you have ever fished with Herman you know what I mean. Long before we were even close to our new best friends Herman pulled up to a flat and said lets get after it. I was on the bow and in less than a minute Herman is going crazy—“Tony, two huge bones are at twelve and coming right at you.” I was locked and loaded and saw them coming right at me. I started to make the shot and Herman screamed, “tarpon”. Rods were being served up to me by son Sean and Art. All things went wrong and the tarpon swam by me at about 10 feet. CRAPOLA! I caught a very nice bone a few monents later which made everything better. We continued up the creek and caught 5 more nice bones in about an hour and then here it came. Clouds, wind and rain, we had zero visibility and with the wind had no chance of continuing on. We all decided that it would be a great day to have a few beers and play a little poker. We motored back to Hank’s and got to the boat house and we got a break in the weather so decided to pole the flat on the boat house side. Art was on the deck, bone after bone did we see and bone after bone did Art miss. I like to tease a bit and gave Art the business pretty hard because I was next up and thought the fishing day was done. It wasn’t done by a long shot, the weather broke, the sun came out and we headed out to the outside. We no more got around the corner and the bones were everwhere. Art finally hooks up and now its my turn. I’m on deck and the bones are everywhere and Art is tending my line. Pay backs are a bitch—I missed and missed and missed again. Then here come 3 large tarpon. Herman screaming “tarpon, tarpon”. The cluster with the rods began again. Im ready to jump ship because Art has his sights on me. I finally get the tarpon rod and the fish turn back to the boat. The perfect shot is in front of me 20 ft. no wind. I make the shot and the tarpon are all over my fly–green and white. They are inches away from the fly, turn their noses up and say see ya. Art starts to laugh with a vengeance. I had it coming so I took it like a man and asked him to get me a beer. We laughed and all was good. Motored over to Young Sound and had a perfect afternoon of wading the flats. Lots of bones, many caught and a great hunt as the day ended. Tomorrow we are going to do the same thing. Up the creek and then to the outside for the rest of the day. From Andros Island, Tone the Bone.


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