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Ten Pounder

I talked to Bonefish Bradley and Tommy Kee when they came back in today and their reports were excellent. They both fished the same area and Bradley said they had several double hookups.

Tommy’s guys said they saw and caught several as well and they got the big one. They had several pictures of it and it is big. He will send me the pics when he gets home and I’ll put them on the site then pronto. Al said it took him about 20 minutes to land it..

This was their first day of a three day trip. It’s gonna be hard to top this day. Tomorrow they are heading to the west side to see if they can get some shots at permit and tarpon.

Day Two: They found some tarpon on the west side but no hookups. Got into some nice bones. West wind kicked up while over there which is bad. They said it was a long rough ride back to Red Bays.

Weather for tomorrow looks great with very light wind.

Hank is having fun with telling every person he knows about our fishing trip. It is growing–yesterday it was my 3 to his 30. Today I over heard him telling the story and the numbers have gone to my 1 to his 50.


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