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Takin A Nap

Nap Time

As you can see that car has not moved in quite some time but up in Red Bays in the hot afternoon it seems a perfect spot to catch a little nap.

Perfect weather today and more of the same tomorrow. Hank and I are heading back out to sea at 0500 tomorrow morning. Going to see if we can get some more dolphin or wahoo  or  whatever  else we can scare up from the depths of the ocean. Forecast is for much calmer seas than last time thank God.

Caught a good sized mutton snapper yesterday up the creek. First big one I caught this time around. Saw a few more and got reports from some natives that they are starting to move up the creek big time.

Jumped a school of about 10 permit today. I was on the boat letting the wind drift me  across this  flat and  was watching a school of  bones on my right. Something caught my eye on the left  and  I looked as these permit shot off after being spooked by the boat. They were right on the edge of the channel on the east side of life jacket island.

I purchased several more baskets from Red Bays and they will be on display at my fly shop next month. Also a coupe special carvings Henry is doing for me that are really cool. Love that Red Bays country.


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