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Still Good

Big Hole River 719 cfs

Spruce moths, may flies, ants, they all work. Some better at different times of day. Like in the afternoon when things typically slow down, try and ant pattern, you might be pleasantly surprused. Hopper patterns are so so. At times they produce a big fish and then nothing.

. I say just a few tricos this mid morning so they should be just around the corner. I know for some people the tricos drive them nuts and for others it’s a fun challenge. I’m one of the latter. Never used to be and I get my butt kicked alot but it’s still fun and isn’t that what all this fly fishing is about?

Lots of wind this afternoon but we still did good on top considering conditions. Of course it helps when for the last two days I have had great fisherman in the boat. These are guys who also meet me in Andros Island and hook up with Herman for some great bonefishing.

Weather for next few days looks good with not too hot or not too cold. What more could you ask for?


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