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Still Cold

It was even colder today than yesterday and with a strong NE wind. It will continue to be windy but by the weekend it’s forecast to be back up to about 80.

I went with Hank to the north end of the island where he had to pick up some fish for the resturant. It was a fun trip as I had never been to Nichols Town or Conch Sound. He showed me where his dive shop used to be and what a nice spot right on the beach. I was really impressed with Conch Sound as there are huge flats with easy wading right off the beach. Hank said there are huge schools of bones in this area a bit like the Joulters. It was cloudy with the wind blowing but you could still see the bottom for a long way out. In the near future I plan on going back up there for a couple days and checking it out. As a matter of fact I’m pretty excited about it as it looked that good.

Low tide is now at 10 am which is perfect for a trip to Somerset. I’m going tomorrow regardless of the weather. Two days without fishing and I’m starting to get the shakes and withdrawal pains. I need a bonefish fix bad.


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