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Snow in Montana

I just received an e-mail from Montana stating that the snowpack in the upper Big Hole Valley is awesome and that it has been fairly cold. I wrote back and asked them to let me know when it starts to warm up before I come back.

The last few days here on Andros have been quite hot with little wind. This makes for great fishing but the doctor fly’s are coming out if force.

I just dropped Jim and Sandy off at the airport so for the rest of the week I’m pretty much by myself, except for when my friend Gogie wants to go out bottom fishing and that will probably be most of the time. Sandy caught a huge grey snapper with Gogie the other night.

The Jacks came close to the dock last night so Jim and I decided he had one more fight left in him. The first one broke off the fly so I tied on what was basically a length of butt section. The next one hit so hard it ripped the nail knot off the fly line. That’s when we called it quits as it was already almost midnight.

The boat is full of gas and the bonefish are waiting.


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