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Slow Start

A combination of things has delayed me from getting a report out. Some bad weather, a serious leak in the boat, but most of all I was just too lazy. Actually yesterday was the first time we got serious about going looking for bones. Local Bahaman guide Tommy Key and I went to the far west end of Fresh Creek past what is known as the three sisters. Basically we were looking for the permit which hang out in that area. We didn,t find any permit but we did find some huge bonefish. Now finding them and catching them are two different things. We both had good shots and both had the same experience with the fish turning on the fly, following it and then turning away. After discussing this with Herman Bain last night he suggested we should have been using bigger fly’s and I believe he is right.

This morning the ocean is like glass and it would be a perfect day to head out to some ocean flats. Actually the best day since I’ve been here. Now I have this problem as what to do. My name is on the manifest at helo ops at Autec to ride the chopper along the coast down to the south end of the island. An opportunity like this doesn’t come along very often. Also in the equation is the tide is rising and there most certainly be tailing fish in Young Sound with these conditions. So bottom line is it’s not that easy being here with having to make all these decisions.


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