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Shark Flat

The first big flat going up Fresh Creek to the north is Shark Flat. That’s the name we put to it some years ago when we had a close encounter with a shark. It’s a big wide bay with a light bottom and shallow enough to walk across the entire bay. I haven’t fished it for a while cuz it’s close and the fish are real spooky. Today the wind was blowling from the south at about 15 knots. I was by myself so I decided to put the boat in the middle of that bay and let the wind blow me all the way to the north end of it. I thought I would try it as I haven’t seen any one fish it for at least 2 weeks. As it worked out conditions could not have been better. The sun and wind were at my back and the fish were coming out of the bay right at me. They were all singles and big fish. I don’t know if it was the stiff wind or that the water had a slight milky color to it due to the wind but these fish acted like they had not eaten in weeks. On two of them I almost hit em on the head and they ate the fly instantly. I was using a #2 blind pink gotcha. On one particular fish I had hooked him just for a second or two but the fly must have tasted good cuz he kept swimming around in circles. I presented it again with a 15 foot roll cast and he gobbled it. I have only had this happen to me once a couple years ago on the west side where the fish are known to be kinda stupid.


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