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Secluded Cottage

Kitchen, Dining Area

Cottage By The Sea

Steve Hanna

North Channel, Fresh Creek

Current temp: 73 partly cloudy, wind N8

I met Steve about four or five years ago when he was just starting this project. We happened to be exploring new areas to fish on the north channel when I noticed the start of construction way up there. I pulled the boat to the  shore and introduced myself. This is a really remote area and the furtherst west you can get to by road along Fresh Creek channel. I kind of wondered if this was a good idea or not. Well Steve called me the other day and invited me out to see the cottage. WOW, has he ever done a good job. He worked on it when he had time and could afford materials. All the furniture inside was hand made by him. It is totally solar powered. The walk way to the dock  is lit up at night by solar  powered green lights.

It is about two miles to Captain Bill’s blue hole and there is another big blue hole just to the north through the bush but no path to it. He will have bikes available as well as kayaks and a boat to rent if you want to go  fishing. Bonefishing in that  area  is excellent and gets very little pressure.

He rents it with a three day minimum and a weekly rate.

You can contact Steve at 242-368-6122 or  e-mail at:  I will say again, this place is really cool. Oh and I forgot, it’s two bedrooms with two beds and private bath for each room.

Mostly cloudy today and the  wind was pretty stiff  along  the shore. However after I got to Steve’s cottage I was wishing I had the boat as you can see the water was dead calm back there. Perfect for spotting  tailing fish. Next two days look great with very light wind and lots  of sun.

I now have all my gear together and just waiting for a good weather and tide forecast and it’s back to the west  side and Williams Island—can’t wait.


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