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Scary Situation

Yesterday Art and I were exploring and were in the far reaches of the creek. We were in an area where the bottom was literally covered with bonefish feed marks. It is strictly poling in this area because it is all mud and coral heads. The wind picked up a bit and we decided to head out and pole back to the channel. I was having a hell of a time poling against the wind and avoiding coral heads. When we got into just over a foot of water we started the engine and on tilt to help us get out of there. All of a sudden the engine sputtered and died. After several attempts to restart it we dropped the anchor so the wind and tide would not take us further back. There we were dead in the water, about 20 miles back in the island and wading was not an option as the bottom was mud interspersed with sharp coral heads. No one had a clue where we were at and Hank was in the states. Not a word was spoken but we were both mentally preparing for a long stay on the boat. We had a gallon of water and a couple extra sandwiches. I was thinking that Bonefish Bradley comes back in this area about once a week. We found that the fuel line was the problem and after fixing it we tried it again and what a lovely sound that engine made. We decided to get about 10 miles closer to camp before we fished another flat.

The wind is very light this morning and we are probably heading out the ocean to Young’s Sound.


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