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Report From The Islands

The weather has been a bit off with 15 to 20 mph winds every day and a fair amount of cloud cover. However that has not stopped us from catching some really nice bonefish. Yesterday Ted and JP each caught fish weighing 7 and 9 pounds. Those are big bones and it took Ted 10 minutes to land his. He knew this because he listened to two and a half songs on his ipod headphone thing. No wonder he couldn’t hear me before that when we were wading and I was yelling “fish, fish, ten oclock, 40 feet take the shot and he would just look at me with this funny look on his face. His dad told him he knew a much better place to stick those headphones than in his ear.

A couple of my favorite flats have produced nothing but other flats have been fantastic. Yesterday on this particular flat we were seeing fish constantly. I anchored the boat and we started wading and had the first hookup about 100 feet away. There were a lot of clouds so we would just wait to get windows of sun and move on. It took a long time to cover the flat but it was well worth it.

Dan and Nancy arrived yesterday and are fishing with Herman today. It’s pretty windy so I know Herman won’t go to the west side but rather to Bowen and Young Sounds. Ted and JP went there with him a couple days ago and had a good time.

Hank just reminded me to inform everyone about the big fish feed here at Hank’s Place on saturday night and your all invited. Five bucks a plate for all you can eat til it’s gone. The fish includes dolphin (not the Flipper type dolphin) wahoo, yellowtail, mutton snapper, barracuda and anything we can catch between now and then.

I might add that my accomodations over on the yacht are quite suitable.


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