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Report From Clay and Jane

We’ve been here five days. We were pleased to see upon our arrival the comfortable, spacious and clean accommodations we were assinged to (Bone Fish Room). We unpacked, went shopping, packed a lunch and got on the water within 2 hours of our arrival. Since then we’ve fished every day with great success. There’s been lots of good food, booze and great company. We’ve been eating delicious Clay’s caught ‘cuda and fresh conch salad that Gogey prepared for our enjoyment. One day, Clay brought his snorkel gear along to check out the plane wreck in Fresh Creek. While snorkeling and diving to it to get some pictures he got pretty creeped out by the ghostly scene. He said seeing the right hand pilot’s windsheild blown in and the main cabin door open made him wonder if everyone made it out or if they were still in there. The wreck sits about 15-20 feet under water, has a light covering of silt over it with mutton and gray snapper cruising in and out of the door making Clay wonder what other creatures where lurking inside. The next day we went to Somerset Beach, a short drive from Hank’s Place. We got there at low tide to catch the bone fish in the shallow channels. We saw many, many schools of bone fish tailing and rooting. We also saw some lemon sharks that Al told us to jab with our rods if they came after us. We stopped at Androsia to Christmas shop for folks back home. We bought some nice batik clothing that was relatively reasonably priced.

Today was another great day of fishing on Fresh Creek out of Andros Town. Weather was partly cloudy with intermitent sun, perfect temperature and a light breeze which made for good conditions to bone fish hunt. Got a late start due to Andros Night at Queen’s Park the night before where we met Al’s beautiful Bahamian girlfriend, Debra. It’s nice to see Al making new friends. The nexte morning we had an 11:30 a.m. breakfast at the marina. Once out on the flats there were bone fish every where tailing and rooting showing us where they where. Al got into them good first, catching a 27″ beauty. Around the corner Clay took over and had numerous opportunities but couldn’t connect. Yesterday we both lost big barracuda’s but seeing them jump and scrap for 15 minutes was almost as nice as landing them. We feel pretty good about Clay landing a 15 pounder on Wednesday. Jane has been pulling in mutton snappers left and right in the evening. Got a nice one at 4:30 pm today.

Hank’s got the pig roasted, gotta go eat.


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