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Red Bays

This morning Jim, Art and Sandy headed to Red Bays on the north west side with Bahamian guide Tommy Key. They got back just a bit ago with a report of the days fishing. It was a bit slow and they said there were lots of clouds so the visibility was poor. They did get a couple 28 inch bonefish which would weigh about 8 pounds. One fish ran so hard it blew out the drag on Jim’s reel. Getting a couple fish like that would make a day for just about any one. Here on the east side of the island it was pretty much a blue bird day. They did say the fish they saw and cast to didn’t hesitate to eat the fly which makes the west side so great if conditions are right.

Yesterday Art got a big bonefish up the creek. There aren’t huge numbers of fish up there but the ones we find are big which is typical for this time of year.

The wind has been a factor the last few days. Looks like it’s going to lay down in the next few.

We have our list together for our trip to Williams Island on the west side and if the weather cooperates we will be camped there on Christmas day. We’re planning on staying there for at least three days or until the food runs out. We should be able to catch some snapper and dive for lobster which are abundant over there.


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