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Red Bays

Henry Wallace and son

Current temp: 73   Wind N10

Audrey and I took a trip to the north end of the island the other day. We were on a mission to find water melons, grapefruit, tangerines and any kind of produce and veggies we could get our  hands on. I will  have to say we made a pretty good haul.

I figured  as long as  we  were in the  area we would  take a little side trip  to Red Bays  and see  if some of my old friends were around. Went to see master carver Henry Wallace as I ordered  another sculpture from  him. Last year I  had the pipe man and this time it should be even better. Can’t say what it  is yet. You can see some  of his work in the pic. That bonefish is carved out of mahogany and can be yours for $450.

As we  were leaving the settlement I heard a guy yelling and it  was my friend Carlton. It was good to see him and he said he just got another boat  and was heading back to sea to make his living. He  and Gerald both  lost their boats last year in what they called “a perfect storm”. It was these two guys who told me where to camp on the west side  and gave me the  directions to the only source of  fresh water over there. It only took me two years to find it and numerous maps from these guys who probably thought I was an idiot but never gave up on me.

All in all it was  a fun trip.


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