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Perfect Day

Januray is not the most ideal time to be here because of the frequent cold fronts and windy conditions. How ever today was about as good as it gets any time of the year. There were no clouds and just a light breeze and it’s amazing how many fish you can find on the flats when conditions are like that. I found bones on every place I went today which included some new spots and some favorite old haunts.

Early this morning is was dead calm here in the harbor. Audrey who has her sail boat anchored just a couple hundred feet out in the channel from here told me that at first light there were bone fish tailing all along the shore just to the south of her boat.

Big decision to make in the morning as Speedo and Lulu have invited me along to go off shore on their big boat trolling for wahoo and such. The problem is that conditions are supposed to be the same as today which makes for ideal bone fishing also. So do I take a break from hunting the bones or just kick back on their boat and enjoy the ride—-I’ll have to sleep on it.


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