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Perfect Day

Very light wind, no clouds, lots of tailing fish, what more can you ask. I took lots of pics trying to get the tailing fish in view and the nervous water which at times was all over the place. Trying to take pics and fish at the same time is tough. In this dead calm water the fish are very spooky. I caught a big bonefish I stalked for some time. I was trying to do the heron step so not to spook him. That’s when you pick each foot out of the water and angle your toes down as to not make a wake. Every thing went well and I was patient in my stalk. When I hooked him it was great and only after a couple seconds this big cuda came out of no where and got him. So now it’s my mission to get this cuda and have him for dinnner. He hangs out in the same area and if he doesn’t take a fly he will definitely take some bait on a spinning rod. That may be cheating but I gotta get this guy.

Hank’s birthday today so we had a little party with him.

He and I are heading south off shore tomorrow morninng as conditions are forecast about the same as today so we’re going after wahoo and dorado—good eatin and fun catchin.


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