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Out With A Bang

As predicted weather conditions today could not have been better. It started slow this morning and I was starting to wonder if I would find any bones at all and not get my last fix for awhile, that would be terrible. The first two flats I only saw a couple and they moving out as if to say, “it’s that Montana guy again”. On the third flat it started to happen big time. The tide had turned and the fish had turned as well coming right at me instead of seeing them move off in the distance as before. It was mid day and after the first fish I thought ok now I have my fix and I’ll head in to start packing, clean the boat etc, etc. Then I decided to wade just another hundred feet or so and I got another. I no more than released that one and looked up to see three more coming. The visibility was excellent and the fish were eating so I got greedy and stayed another couple hours.

If any body wants to buy some of those spawning gotchas that Orvis brags about, I have several to sell, cheap. They just do not work as I tried them numerous times and got nothing but refusals. Today I used a #4 sparsely tied blind gotcha and never had a refusal on it. For here on Fresh Creek this has been my old reliable.

Next report will come from Montana if my fingers don’t freeze.

I have been coming here to Andros for seven years and this is my longest stay and most enjoyable. The weather did not cooperate for much of the time but one learns to just deal with it and take what it gives you.

Good Bye from Andros Island, Bahamas


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