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On The Island

Current temp. at 1900 hrs.—65 degrees.

Now that’s a hell of a lot warmer than last night. The night before in Ft. Lauderdale extremely cold. Forecast for the next few days is for high’s in the upper 70’s which is perfect for here. Not too cool and not too hot.

I have not fished yet here but just getting readjusted to the island life. Actually all I have been doing is pigging out on Bahamian food such as dumpling soup and chicken souse from Gaters deli and steamed fish with red sauce here at Hank’s.

Bonefish Bradley stopped by with his client just a couple minutes ago and gave a very favorable report. Despite this cold front his client caught 4 bonefish in the last couple days over 25 inches. Those are big bones. He said they have been fishing up Fresh Creek, Young Sound and Bowen Sound.

For the offshore fisherman, Hank said the Wahoo fishing now is hot. He and I are going to give that a try when the seas calm down just a bit.


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