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The internet here on the island has been down for most of the last 3 or 4 days. At least that’s my excuse.

Early yesterday morning Hank and I headed offshore in search of dolphin {dorado}. The sea was a little  rough as you can see in the photo and so it was a pretty bumpy ride to our destination to the buoy. It took almost an hour to get there. At one point I almost got thrown out  of the boat. We hit a weird wave which threw the boat sideways. Hank lost his balance and fell against me and Ialmost went out. Later I accused him of doing it  on purpose but he was not ready to get rid of  me yet as he had plans to put me to work.

We got our destination  and immediately hooked up two fish.  Now I found out what he had planned for me. Every time we hooked a fish he handed me the rod and said “here you fight this one while  I rig up the other  rod”. It was fun at first but after about a half dozen it started to wear me out. That’s when I realized he was using me  as a mule. It was a lot of fun anyway and for a time the action was really hot. Around 0830 when the sun got a little  higher they totally quit. By that time we had enough with the big cooler filled to the top. We had hooked around 20 fish and that was plenty. So fresh steamed dolphin was on the menu last night and man was it tasty.

I had just  finished dinner last night and was in my room when I heard screaming across the street. I looked out and saw that Bonefish Jimmy’s house was on fire. It didn’t take long before it was a huge fireball. Very lucky that  nearby houses didn’t go up  in smoke. That picture was taken  from in front of my room.

I thought the sunrise was  pretty cool and the other of  Hank holding fish that Al caught.


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