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Off Shore

It was very calm again this morning so Hank called and said he was putting the boat in the water at the base and would pick me up shortly. We were on the hunt for wahoo trolling a zig zag pattern along the wall. The wall is outside the reef and is where the depth drops to 6000 feet in what is called the tongue of the ocean. Hank decided to go north and I said we should go south toward north bight. I was basically giving him a little grief since there was no one else on the boat to do it and I felt compelled. I don’t have a clue of where to go out in the ocean and he knows it but I had to let him know my ideas. We wound up with 1 dolphin (dorado) 1 kingfish and several cudas—no wahoo. As we were heading back in I could not restrain myself from saying “I told you we should have gone south” He gave me that look like he wanted to feed me to the sharks. All kidding aside any time I get a chance to go with Hank off shore I jump on it as it doesn’t matter how the fishing is, we have fun.


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