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Off Shore

There was barely a hint of light across the ocean on the eastern horizonn when Hank and I headed out at 6 a.m. yesterday morning. It was a great morninng with just a light gentle roll on the ocean. I took some pics of the sun cominng up which turned out great. We got to our destination and Hank rigged the rods for trolling. We were looking for Wahoo and Dorado. We criss crossed the area for almost an hour and never got a sniff. We decided to head back and go up the creek after Hank did some work on the resturant. He was really going to show me how to catch fish up there. We went to a spot where I saw some big mutton snappers the day before. Spent quite awhile there and nothing. Went to his secret spot and nothing there either. Hank had a few hits and lost them all. You would not believe the language as this was a serious competition. To make this story short, I finally won with half a fish. I was bringing in this mutton snapper when a cuda nailed it only left me the head. I told Hank I won and he said your not going to tell people you won with just half a fish. I reminded him my half was more than his zero. He hasn’t talked to me since.

I took some pics on the flats the day before when it was like glass. Got some nervous water right in front of me on a few and some clear shots of fish on. Will send them to Patricia soon.


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