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No Snook

I was asked about tips regarding tarpon here on Andros. The best way to try to get a tarpon is to hire one of the local guides and head for the west side. Don’t hire just any guide as some of them don’t know the west side or have only been there once or twice. It’s very easy to get screwed up and lost over there. I can recommend some good reliable guides if you need. I was also asked about snook and as far as I know there are no snook at all on Andros. Permit fishing is also tough and the best place is again on the west side. There are some huge permit over there that will go up to 70+ pounds. There are also permit in the far reaches of Fresh Creek but they are smaller and tough to catch. Tone the bone can tell you about them as he scored one last year and I think the fly was a pink puff????

Looks like Tommy and I are headed back to Spanish Wells on Thursday if the weather holds.

I hit a coconut going at high speed with the boat and I couldn’t believe how it bent that aluminum prop. Got it straightened out though and now it’s fine.


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