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No Fun At All

Wow I didn’t mean to make Tone the bone vomit and I hope he is ok now. I just thought it would make you feel better while shoveling snow if I said it wasn’t much fun here at all.

Actually last couple days have been pretty crappy with lots of wind and clouds. Today is much better with lots of sun and light wind. I suppose I’ll have to drag myself out and venture onto a couple flats. I promise it will not be much fun, probably get sunburned and stuff like that.

Morton and Anne from Denmark left this morning. They have become really good friends over the last couple years and will be missed. I invited them to Montana this summer and I hope they can make it. They treated Hank, Eva and I to dinner last night at Small Hope Lodge. Dinner consisted of steak and lobster but really that wasn’t that much fun either.

A little traveling tip for coming here. Spirit Air has several flights from Lauderdale to Nassau and fares are pretty cheap. However be careful as they nail you not only on checked bags but also on carry on. Jet Blue would be my choice on that leg. Le Air has been very dependable from Nassau to here with 2 flights a day–7am and 4pm. If you miss them you can also hop a ride with Glenn Air.

Listen to this—now Hank wants to order his own tent. He complains to others the tough conditions of camping over there but he wants his own tent just in case he decides it was fun.


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