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New Look

Yesterday Hank asked my advice about where to relocate about 7 palm trees he had growing on the south side of the building. He said he had to move them as they were starting to cause damage to the foundation. Between the two of us we came up with this master plan that would be the envy of most landscape pros. The backhoe came in this morning and started digging them up. On the north side of the property is just a dry ugly pool in low tide. Now this pool is lined with 8 nice palm trees that also give shade in the late afternoon to the rooms. They are close enough to each other and I suggested to Hank that we put hammocks between them. He looked at me like I had 2 heads but I guarantee you he is now thinking about it.

The bonefish have been a bit elusive to the new bonefisherman and they are finding out it’s a bit more difficult than they thought. Casting in the wind, compensating for cross wind and a quick presentation are all factors they did not know about. How ever they have a great attitude and are learning from their mistakes will get the job done.


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