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Never Again

I just received a play by play report from Hank about his big fish two days ago:

That was the first time I ever caught a blue marlin and that will be the last time. It almost killed me and I’am still aching all over. When we hooked up I never thought it would be a marlin, we was looking for wahoo and dolphin. When he picked it up it was like a small fish, he hit it 2 or 3 times. I thought it was a small fish, too small for the bait. Then he took off and I thought I hook into a freight boat, he did not stop. He took enough line to reach Nassau. We had to back up so we can get some line on the reel. The more we back up the deeper he went down, I knew then I was in trouble because you cannot bring them up until they are ready. I think he hit the bottom and then stop, so I had to wait until he decides to come up. They just don’t come up, he came up 20 ft. and down 18 ft. then he came up 200 ft and go down 300 ft. This went on for over 2 hours. If a Marlin ever pick up my line again I will give it away or cut it off. We estimated he weighed about 500 pounds.

The guests that are staying in our rooms report that they are seeing and catching lots of bonefish. One guy said he saw the biggest bonefish in his life when they were eating lunch. It swam right in front of the boat and in his excitement he scared it off.

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