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Mother Lode

part of the mother lode

west side sunset

In a west side creek

Current temp: 82 Wind SSE15

Yesterday we found the lode of bonefish up the creek. Three big schools and all good size fish. Often up the creek when you  find these schools they mostly juvinels but these great. To get there you have to through Labowski Straits and then head east toward Pedro Island. This is actually the most bonefish I have seen in one area up the creek.

I have had lots advice on how to get those tarpon on the  west side to eat. Many of  the techniques we did try. Like tiny little jerky strips or just let the fly hang there. I still believe none of the above would work and they were just not eating anything. Most of the fish were laid up as if they had just finished lunch and were napping. It sure gives something to look forward to on the next trip over there and I have a new pattern that will definitely work. Not sure if it has ever been tried on tarpon before but will let you know the results. As for me I have complete faith in it.

Erik was asking the average size of those tarpon and they  were in the 30 to 60 pound range. One large one may have been pushing 80.

Weather has been very warm but lots of wind last few days. These are the type of days you just hang out. There is a special technique to hanging out here and Morton and I have perfected it in the last couple weeks. Anne has several pics she will be sending me on the  proper way to hang out here.


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