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More Westside Exploring

Went to Red Bays today and got my good friend Gerald in the boat to do some more exploring. He brought along his friend named Michalow. His daddy really liked michalob so he named his son Michalow. He said he thought about changing it as he grew older but decided to stick to it. Anyway we went quite a ways down the west side and Gerald showed me so many creeks and flats that the GPS in my little brain started to short out. I pride myself on finding my way around by watching land marks etc. etc. I always say, the old timers never had a GPS. I will have to say that today I wish I had one and knew how to work it. There are just so many places over there and places where you can get in trouble big time. Some creeks  are easy to get in and some are only high tide creeks where if you dally to long your stuck til the next high tide and I for one don’t fancy heading back in the dark.

The locals call these creeks and most people who have never been here associate them with small rivers. They are anything but. They can be 20 feet wide at the mouth or big ones can be a couple hundred feet. They go into the interior of the island for miles and miles and the best fishing is way back in these next to the mangroves in deeper water for snapper and along the edges for bones, tarpon and  permit. Check out google earth on the west side of Andros and you will see what I mean.

Had a lot of  clouds for most of the day so the sight fishing was pretty poor. The bottom fishing in some  of these creeks was great, especially for gray snapper which are excellent eating.

Getting back to Red Bays I went to say hello to master carver Henry Wallace who lives across  the  street from Gerald. He carved a piece which is in Small Hope Lodge that I would love to have. We talked and he said for a friend he would give me a price I could not refuse. We struck a deal and I told him to start carving. It won’t be exactly the same as the other which I don’t want anyway. He said it will be better and I believe him. There is no money down, just my word that I will take it and that’s all he needs. He said come back in about a week or so and it will be done—-great, now I have to go back to the west side fishing again.


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