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Montana Invasion

Hermon and George

If  you go  with Hermon you can expect some intense instruction as shown in the picture.

Five of my friends and fellow Montana guides are here and some for the first time and they are  having a ball. Seth hooked his first bonefish and  could  not believe how that fast that initial run is and  how fast you are in your backing. They are being guided  by Hermon, Tommy and Bradley. They wanted a trip to the west side but the wind is not cooperating and they are getting  plenty of action in other  places. Tommy took  Justin and  Seth to the head of the  creek today looking for tarpon. I saw that one there a few days ago and I  heard permit have been seen around there  also.

This evening we will see if we can hook up on a  shark here in the harbor and chances  are good we will. I’ll let them  do  battle with it as  the last  one wore  me out.


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