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Merry Christmas From Andros

I took a few pics of the sunset here at Hank’s Place, Fresh Creek on this Christmas eve and I thought they were pretty cool so will have Patricia put on the comments. Also a couple with Jan who is a captain and her trusty, or should I say rusty island car. If you think that car looks bad, you should see some of the vehicles on the road here.

Weather has been pretty good and the bone fishing just so so. Not many fish to be found right now but ones we do find are the typical winter big fat ones.

My friends Morten and Anne from Denmark are renting the house boat up the creek and Morten is catching more bones off his deck than out on the flats.

Conditions for tomorrow Christmas day are looking real good wiith lots of sun and very light wind.

I almost forgot and this is something Erik, Sean, Jim and all the other guys who have been here and have pleased their pallot with a conch salad. Tomorrow at the conch stand by the roundabout it’s two for one. In other words between 1 and 4 you buy one and get another one free. That’s a lot of conch salad I have to eat but what the hell it’s Christmas and time to indulge—-wish I could send you some.


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